While it is important that we keep the faith with the men and women who in serving in our nation's military have been left behind, there is another group who we must NEVER forget - the victims of genocide.


Lest we  forget



More of the big Lie.  "Arbiet Macht Frei!" (Work will make you free) at Auschwitz


Rail entrance to Auschwitz.  Just inside was where "Selection" took place.  For many, this sight was only minutes from death as most walked from "Selection" down "Himmel Strasse" (Heaven's Street) to the "Delousing station" to be gassed then left as ash up the chimney


The following pictures are courtesy of the Holocaust Memorial Day website's Image Library.


The "Death Steps" at Mauthausen's quarry.

Rail entrance to Auschitz-Bikenau

Selection  at Auschwitz

Double fence at Auschwitz

Pile of glasses collected from victims, in "Canada",

the warehouses at Auschwitz

            Following from Giorio Torrieri

The chimney wasn't the only way out...

Sondercommando burning bodies at Auschwitz


Mass grave at Auschwitz-Birkenau

        From University of Michigan's Center for Russian and East European Studies (CREES)

Crematorium at Auschwitz

        University of Michigan CREES Auschwitz Learning Box

FromJEAA's site for the Inauguration Ceremony for a memorial at Auscwitz for the Sephardic Jews

    Auschwitz's Crematorium Number 4

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